Calendar of Availabilty 

email: to reserve dates

Bookings are accepted year round and up to three years in advance.

All bookings are based on first come first served basis.  Due to covid-19, I'm scaling back to just myself as teaching artist for the 2021 - 22 school year. Hopefully, I can grow back to more staff as we figure out the new model for Physical Education in Alberta schools.  I am booking for the next school year as if we will be back to in-person service and will adjust as needed. I will create a waiting list for those schools who do not get a date and will be on the search for new staff. Please consider buying my Gymnastic cards which all ow the teacher to work with my instructional videos for 4 skill sets: Rolls, Wheels, Balances. Or request a virtual  Dance unit and I will put the lessons in a video format for you.

Dani - Can teach all units offered                   

Will create a custom residence for 

your school's special focus or occasion.   


Availability for 2021-22 school year, as of July 2021:          

Sept.  unavailable                                     

Oct. 4 - Dec. 17 completely open      

Jan.  Full, wait list only                          

February 22 - 28, 7 days only              

March 1 - 18                                                    

April  4 - 22                                                     

May 26 & 27, two days only                  

June  13 - 24