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Hoop it Up!

Kacie Beluse Knight has been working as an Flow Artist in Edmonton since 2010 and joined forces with Dani Altiere Inc. in 2015.  She can deliver a multitude of programs from a presentation of her skills for the whole school in the gym to one class at a time learning a few cool moves to a fully choreographed residence with a culminating event at the end for friends and parents. She has enough hoops for a single class and rents them at a reasonable day rate. She can even guide students in making their own hoops! With a bit of practice and plenty of space you'll be amazed at all the things a hoop can be!

"Oh the Wonderful Things a Hoop Can Be!"

First Kacie inspires the whole school with a demonstration of her hoop skills in the gym. Then classes come down to the gym one at a time and Kacie teaches on body and off body hoop skills appropriate to their age and abilities. Those same skills are then put together to become a choreographed routine.  After a few more practices the classes are ready to show off with a presentation of their own!

"Hoop for a Day, then Play!"

This is a one day workshop designed to give students several skills they can then take to the playground at recess and practice while they play. Classes come down to the gym one at a time and are shown several skills appropriate to their age and given instruction on how to practice as well as how to put them to music. Then it's up to the students to devote themselves to the flow art form. Of course you can re-enforce the skills, building confidence and interest. by booking two or three lessons for each class.

"Kacie Knight Flow Artist"

Just want a flow artist for a special event to blow everyone's mind? Kacie's your artist! She can put on an amazing hoop performance, bring along a buddy flow artist and even glow in the dark if requested.