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Hoop it Up!

Hoop is a wonderful mind/body connecting activity that allows the student to gain control and develop synaptic connections by simply exploring. As we'll encourage students throughout to use both hands equally and our activities constantly cross the mid-lines of the body, balanced brain development and fluency of movement can't help but increase. Along the process there are countless opportunities where we'll re-enforce a growth mindset. Resiliency comes along with the progress.

Students try out 3 or 4 new skills each lesson, get time to practice, try to use the new skills in a routine, then play a few games, all using a hoop.

This is a one class at a time activity as it takes a great deal of space to ensure safety. Students will have some success with their first lesson, but we are recommending two or three to create enough confidence that they'll continue to try on their own. Schools can encourage Hoop clubs at recess. 

Daily rate is $550.00

Hoop rental fee of $20.00 per day.

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