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P. D. Ideas! 

All Professional Development workshops 

can be customized in length & cost $200.00 per hour  

New! Movement Progressions for the Field

Outdoor curriculum will always be handy, but especially now! Students work outdoors, in a safely distanced grid formation, on simple to complex locomotion.  Students will walk, march jog, run, leap, kick, stretch, balance, jump; work their core and distill, their oppositional, cross their midlines and develop patterning abilities. Material available for Kindergarten through grade 9. Video demonstrations available for purchase alone or discounted as part of a residence or professional development workshop. 


Learn 12 simple, off-body, hand held hoop skills, and see how to put them together in a routine. Ideas for hoop games and challenges, as well as strategies to manage noise and encourage safety. Available for 3 levels of learning. 


  Basic Gymnastic Progressions

Learn the progressive steps to a Forward, Side and Backward Roll. How about the How-to for a

basic Cartwheel? You do not have to demonstrate in order to teach Gymnastic skills. You just need 

to understand the mechanics. Variations for those with mobility restrictions included. You can 

make a full day of it and & learn some Balances and Jumps too!

Enhance School Spirit with Dance!             

Surprise your students by learning and performing a staff Dance! Simple choreography will fit nearly everyone's comfort zone and send school spirit through the roof! Choose from titles like: Thriller, Crazy Frog, Brave, Leader in Me or song of your choice!                                         

Make the Mind-Body Connection

Give your staff a Balancing Body-work class designed to get everyone more comfortable with their own experience of being in their body. Part Yoga, part anatomy, fully safe for most bodies; this technique 

is used to stretch and strengthen gently, internally massage organs, and inform the practitioner of how the muscles work to support movement.

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