P. D. Ideas! 

All Professional Development workshops 

can be customized in length & cost $200.00 per hour  

Brain Dance & Brain Gym                          Basic Gymnastic Progressions

Learn the 5 minute "Brain Dance" routine                       Learn the progressive steps to a Forward, Side 

 designed by scientists to create a                                       and Backward Roll. How about the How-to for a

brain-state of readiness to learn;                                         basic Cartwheel? You do not have to demonstrate

followed by 5 "Brain Gym" exercises                                   in order to teach Gymnastic skills. You just need 

designed to enhance student's                                             to understand the mechanics. Variations for             

abilities to create calmness, look, listen                            those with mobility restrictions included. You can 

and assimilate new information.                                          make a full day & learn some Balances and Jumps!

Enhance School Spirit with Dance!              Make the Mind-Body Connection

Surprise your students by learning and then                         Give your staff a Balancing Body-work class

performing a staff Dance! Simple choreography                   designed to get everyone more 

will fit nearly everyone's comfort zone and                            comfortable with their own experience of

serve to send school spirit through the roof!                          being in their body. Part Yoga, part anatomy,

Choose from titles like: Thriller, Crazy Frog,                            fully safe for most bodies; this technique 

Leader in Me or song of your choice!                                          is used to stretch and strengthen gently.

Connecting with Curriculum

We're Ready!

Now that the new guidelines for K. - Grade 4 are out, pending approval; here are some connections you can consider when choosing your residence. We are keeping them in mind as we update our curriculum to ensure our lesson plans cover as many of the learning outcomes as possible.

Guideline Essential Understanding & the Dani Altiere Inc. residence that covers it:

In the Arts

Engaging with various forms of communication and expression allows us to represent and interpret our understandings of the world in multiple ways. 

Dance: Poetry in Motion / Drama: Theater Games

Exploring connections strengthens our understandings of relationships to help us make meaning of the world.

Dance: World Beat Hip Hop /Drama: Hip Hop Aesop

Artworks take form through the exploration and application of artistic elements and techniques to support expression.

Dance: Contemporary Dance / Drama: Creatures Great & Small

In Wellness Education

Developing movement competence, motivation and confidence through purposeful engagement in physical activity fosters the development of physically literate citizens across a lifespan.

Gymnastics, Hoop, Acrobatics, Circus