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Have your Dance unit taught by a professional dancer/choreographer. Each class contains a stretch & strengthen, skill building, routine rehearsal and creative movement/performance skills games. All Dance routines include space for student choreography. Many units to choose from, all  include notes for teachers and can include a culminating event on the final day.​ Choose a one-day workshop or book a full week!

Dance Units


It's History meets Hip Hop in this unit featuring a variety of modern adaptations of Classical masterpieces, including: Mozart, Beethovan, Tchaikovsky, Pachebel​ and Vivaldi. Teachers can easily link music history and social studies to this super fun slice of the past.


This unit features the music from many of the common cultures found in Edmonton mixed with a Hip Hop beat. Past units have included: African, South American, European, Chinese, French, Somali, Arabic, African-American, and Canadian and First Nations. Students beam with pride as they hear the music of their family's culture. 

Schedule your residence around Oct. and take your Halloween party to a whole 'nother level! Classes each learn a fun Halloween Hip-Hop routine and all come together to share them for a Hip Hop Spooktacular! Kids can wear their Halloween costumes to the sharing if the school wishes.​
This unit features Hip-Hop versions of Holiday Classics like Frosty, Jingle Bells, the Grinch and the Nutcracker. Dani will work with your Music teacher to create a unique Winter concert of song and dance complete with little bits of dialogue in between.​


Looking for a great Dance unit that's not all Hip Hop?


This unit features music from 8 decades 1940 - 2010. Students learn the popular dance of the age while teachers can link all kinds of historical information. Turn your grade 6's into Swing Kids and your grade 3's into Disco Ducks!​ This unit also works as a Winter Concert, called Holiday Hologram


Classes are first lead through Improvisational Movement and Theatre games. That experience is then applied to creating an Improvisational movement score to a specific piece of Jazz music. Each class gets a different song. After several rehearsals, students can share to recorded music or add on a live band! Celebrate Black History Month by using all Black composers

Inspire Me!

Students meet songs that are trying to make the world a better place by inspiring us to be our best selves. Songs like Brave, Fight Song, Roar, Man in the Mirror, Best Day, and It's Happening by local artist Ann Vriend. Dance styles are character driven Contemporary pieces.


This unit can count as Dance, Drama and Poetry. Each class is assigned or chooses a poem. Students spend the residence bringing the message of the poem to life through Music, Dance and Drama. Choose poems based on a theme, Poet or Style of Poetry. Celebrate Black History month by choosing all Black poets.​

 Contemporary     Dance Class       
 Based on a professional class model, students are treated to being challenged to run, leap, skip  and turn all with the accompaniment of a live drummer. Students warm-up, then travel across the floor pushing their feet to match the beat. Short combination and creative movement games finish off the class. 
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