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Make a memory they'll never forget. Students retain the most when using their whole body, voice and imagination. Choose from scripts in our library or request something all your own! Dani can dramatize a subject simply or give it more production value for those special occassions



*Hip-Hop Aesop*


Dani adapted the classic Greek morality tales into rap form complete with a

backbeat! Each class learns a different fable and discusses the moral and how

it applies in their world with their teacher. Then they work with Dani to

dramatize each fable in a Hip-Hop style for a final performance. Students will

learn how an actor takes on the job of building a character and staging a

play. Teachers can add a simple art project and build character head-pieces

to add a costume element to the performance day. This residence includes

the possibility of adding a professional D.J. to create the beats live on

performance day for an extra fee. Give your school some flavor while

teaching some important ethics.


*Collective Consciousness/

A Hip Hop performance*


This is a residence that really demonstrates collaberation between artist, students and teachers.

First, Dani meets with the teachers and together they formalize a creative writing assignment. Then, students are guided through the writing project by their teachers.


Dani takes the student's writings and uses a bit of each one to  create a rap for each class, a sort of reflection of what's on everyone's mind. Dani sends the finished raps back to the school and each class makes choices as to who's saying what and memorize their parts.


During the residence, Dani rehearses the raps

with each class adding performance techniques and dance. The classes

perform their raps for the school and their families on the final day. For an

additional fee Dani can bring in a live D.J. for the sharing to enhance the

level of performance and give the project more authenticity.




*Winter* - A Performing Arts unit


This residence starts off with students being exposed to a story, poem or musical composition that has to do with Winter by their teachers.

Dani comes to the school and brainstorms with each class to use the work of art as source material for their own creation of a Drama, Musical or Dance piece assuring that all students have an equal part.

Dani takes the student's ideas home and finds music, and creates scripts or choreography.

The actual residence is the rehearsals of each class' creation.

The concert is a variety show of song, dance, drama and rap that is sure to have something for everyone!

Suited for K - 6 and requires at least 8 days of rehearsals plus a day for brainstorming with each class.

Dani can partner with your school's music teacher to rehearse some songs or choral speech before or during the residence.


*Creatures Great and Small*


This is a collection of animal stories brought to life through a style of

performance called ’Story Theatre”, where-in the performers use only

themselves to create not only all the characters, but also the soundscapes,

settings and scenery. From Rudyard Kipling’s’ “Just So” stories, to Paul

Fleishman’s “Poems for two Voices”; animal stories abound and kid’s love

them. Every class can have their own story, or stories can be shared. A Div.

1 class provides the main characters and a partner Div.2 class gets to choose

acting, dancing or music as they become the chorus of secondary characters,

specialty dancers, or orchestra. The partnering option is a bit of a scheduling

hassle, but the end result is a really rich theatrical production and students

get to understand how to develop drama beyond dramatic recitation. This

residence can also be augmented with the addition of your music teacher

composing with and conducting the orchestras of Orf instruments and

percussion toys played by your Divsion 2 students.


Games for Higher Learning


This residence is a collection of Theatre and Dance games that have been

chosen because they provide the student and teacher with a new strategy for

developing better learners. The games focus on listening skills, following

directions, teamwork, dealing with mistakes, unlocking creativity, bi-lateral

movement and more. Some games provide a template that can be used as a

method for teaching core subjects. All the kids know is they’re having fun,

but teachers come away with new ways to teach as well as games to just

blow off steam, re-energize a sluggish class, or keep things fun throughout

the day. This is my personal favourite and makes a great P.D. day as well.

 own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

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