Residence Fees for the 2020 - 21 Season

The following Fees are for teaching time in Edmonton school districts,

based on a maximum of 28 students.  This year, there should be no doubled classes unless your gym can accommodate them within the health guidelines of 2 meters between students or cohorts.

An assistant teaching artist is recommended if you plan to have two classes at once in the Gym.   

Additional fees for large groups, extra prep or travel are determined per project. 

Fees are the same for all Teaching Artists.

Add  5% GST charge when calculating fees

All Residencies are charged at the same rate  

For one Teaching Artist:                  

$150.00 - per hour   

$550.00 - per day     

$2,750.00 - per 5 day week   

$5,350.00 - per 10 day residence 

For two Teaching Artists, one lead one assist:

$200.00 - per hour    

$825.00 - per day            

$4,125.00 - per 5 day week 

$8,050.00 - per 10 day residence

Hoop Rental - $50.00 per residence       

Musicians fees are determined per project

Fees for out-of-town negotiated per contract. In general:

Only one school district away from EPSB, add $40.00 per day travel fee 

Within 2 hrs. add $80.00 per day travel fee

*For 3 - 4 hours add $500.00 per day of travel fee & plus hotel and meal 

*More than 4 hours travel add $600.00 per day of travel fee plus hotel and meals

*Teaching Fees are all 1 & 1/2 the usual for services which require more than 2 hours travel 


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