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Teachers shouldn't teach what they're not comfortable with. Our Gymnastic unit will give students and teachers the information and experiences they'll need to feel more comfortable with basic skills for 5 - 10 different stations. Taught with safety in mind and using step by step progressions; students become comfortable taking small risks. The personal coaching gives them the information they need to adapt skills to their individual abilities which leads to big successes. You can book a one-day workshop teaching just one skill set, or book a full week or three to teach them all! We now have Gymnastics equipment for use to augment your own but you'll need your own basic blue gym mats 12 - 14 per class. Contactless lessons are available providing the school can provide one mat per student. Dani Altiere Inc. is an approved vendor with EPSB and ECSD, and carries it's own liability insurance. 


This unit provides instruction for age-appropriate skills for 5 - 12 stations: Rolls, Wheels, Balances and Jumps serve as the foundation for an individual routine as well as class routine set to music. Teachers are given several methods of assessment to choose from. All classes contain progressions for skills teachers can use after the residence. All lessons are geared to giving the student the skills to work independently at the station after the initial lesson. Each station has vocabulary posted (available in 3 languages) in words and pictures to aid students in their practice and for teachers to use as a guide when supporting the lesson as well as safety instructions.

This unit makes a very informative P.D. workshop​ for teachers.


This lesson teaches the progressions to basic rolls in three directions and culminates with a roll or three from each direction. Students are guided to find at least one roll in each direction they can perform safely.  Incline mats and octagons can be utilized to aid students with limited mobility. 


This lessons teaches the  progressions necessary for a basic cartwheel and offers more than 14 variations. Students are encouraged to find at least 2 they can perform safely by the end of the lesson.


This lesson uses a variety of heights from beams that sit on the floor to the benches from your gym flipped over as Balance Beams to teach 6 - 12 skills. We have a 6' regulation sized beam well. Students are tasked with making a routine using 2 - 6 skills that travel, balance, jump and turn. Then comes the bean bag challenge!


This is easily the student's favorite station. Students  learn safe landing procedure first, then 3 - 6 jumps. Students are tasked with static mounts and dismounts using a 12" -  24" foam platform and 6"- 12" landing pad. You can roll after you land but no flips!


If your school has the time for a 5th or 6th lesson, students can demonstrate an individual routine for their teacher; choosing a skill from each of the four stations that they are comfortable with. We can also line them up in small teams and task them with demonstrating their skills timed to music!


Students are offered a day of manipulative challenges. Scarves, Ribbons, Hoops, Spinning Plates and Balancing Feathers provide a variety of dexterity challenges that will make the mind/body connection a super fun experience!


Students arrive to the gym to find the usual stations have been turned into Super-Hero training scenarios! Each scenario will require some Gymnastic move to save the day!


We also can provide lessons covering 4 skill sets and using them all in a game format on the final day. All lessons are done without touch or shared equipment on individual mats whhich will get wiped down at the end of each lesson.


This is a great option if you have limited budget or time. We set up a course in your gym of 4 - 6 obstacles and classes receive instruction on methods of getting through. You can book one lesson or watch students grow by booking more.    


This unit takes the basic skills of Rolls and Cartwheels adds a few new stunts like bridges, stands, partnered tricks and props; then challenges students to perform them in choreography set to music. This unit requires a minimum of 7 lessons per class. Choose from themes like Circus, Movie themes, Decades, Halloween or Christmas. 

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