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Dani Altiere Inc. is offering programming in a new way. Join First Nations Teaching Artist, Sierra Jamerson and other First Nations Performing Artists available for 1, 2, or 3 day units teaching about the Culture and history of First Nations, Metis and Iniut Nations of Canada. Through appreciation, education, participation and finally celebration we hope to teach the lesson of the Residential School story while building an respect and appreciation for all cultures. You can read what we have planned for each day and customize the package for your needs. Buy 1, 2 or all 3 days of activities. 

The Medicine Wheel

On the first day, Monday, classes come down to the gym or a large classroom, one or two at a time. They create our first circle in their seating and hear a lesson Native children would be taught about the Medicine Wheel. This lesson teaches a wide scope of First Nations beliefs and traditions and includes an audience participation actvity for each of the four directions, including a Metis Round Dance. The presentation includes something for every sense to anchor the learning. Students will leave with a with new knowledge about Indiginous cultures and follow-up activity pages for Div. 1 and thought provoking questions for Div. 2 are provided.

1 Teaching Artist - $500.00 

Tuesday, our day off, would be a great time to do the medicine wheel reflection pages; and/or an Aboriginal-inspired Art project that can be displayed on  the final day.

Healing through History, a Circle Broken

On the second day, Wednesday, we teach the Residential School story. Teachers first read "Shi shi et ko", by Nicola Capbell in the classroom and students are given a question to think about as they travel through the hall. The questions continue as an amalgamated typical experience is narrated with pauses for students to think about how they might feel in the situation. Care has been taken to consider a presentation style that tells the history in a sensitive manner,appropriate to the age of the audience. Preview scripts are available. The lesson finishes with a healing song lead by our Teaching Artist. Students are invited to smudge as they exit to ceremoniously wash away the old way of thinking and be open to new ways. There is a follow-up story, "Not My Girl", and a final question to hopefully lead to a positive classroom discussion and allow students to be proactive in becoming the change they wish to see in the world.

1 Teaching Artist - $500.00

On Thursday, our day off, teachers can hang artwork and/or reflect with students what they've learned.

The Community Gathers in a Circle to Celebrate

On the final day, Friday,  smaller schools can gather as one, bigger schools or those with smaller gyms should plan for two gatherings. The final ceremony will summerize what we've learned and dedicate the celebration to the intention of appreciation and respect going forward. Then students will be priviledged to see authentic Native Drummers, Hoop, Chicken, Grass and/or Jingle Dancers; amount of Dancers depending on your budget. Finally, the whole community finishes the week in a huge Round Dance.

5 Teaching/Performing Artists recommened, $1,000.00 per gathering

By the end of the week, we as Artist and Educators uniting can know that we've:

  • Shared the customs and traditions unique to First Nations Tribes found in Alberta and Canada.

  • Taught the difficult history tasked to us to teach with care for student's emtional well being.

  • Ensured the materials and presentation was senstive to respect First Nation's peoples.

  • Ensured that the learning was experiencial so as to imprint the deepest.

  • Offered students a personal response to the history, by offering them a way they can be a positive participant in creating a respectful future that will engender healing and hope.

  • Celebrated our new relationship of understanding and respect for all cultures as a community!

Cost for 3 day package includes

Teaching Artist 2 days  - $1,000.00

Final Day Gathering 5 artists, 2 Drummers 2 Dancers & Storyteller/host

- $1,000.00 for one gathering

 -  $1,750.00 for two consecutive gatherings on the same day


Additional Drummers or Dancers available @ $125.00 per performance 



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