These cards describe how to do 9 different Cartwheels at varying levels of difficulty, so all your students can find a challenge. As we all have a right and left side you can say here are 18 different cartwheels! Each set comes with a video link demonstration of every skill. These skills are appropriate for everyday kids aged 5 to 14. The set of cards comes with a station card that has safety and technique tips along with a couple of mission statement possibilities. These cards are a part of a complete Gymnastics curriculum: Rolls, Wheels, Balances & Jumps.

Gymnastic Cards Cartwheel set

  • 9 Skill cards are 8" X 9", Station card is slightly larger and contains safety advice, technique coaching and a couple of mission statements to guide students in their independent practice. Each card comes laminated, has a symbol at the top for non-readers, step by step instruction in the middle, and demonstration photos at the bottom to guide students. Ten cards in all can easily be mounted on a wall with sticky tack. This Cartwheel skill set is designed to give both students that can and those that can not yet cartwheel multiple skills to work on. Each card comes with a 2 - 3 minute demonstration video you can download which becomes available to you upon purchase.