Gymnastic skills basics for everyday kids. These skills have been selected for their relative safety, and come with a video link that demonstrates each one. Each card has a symbol at the top for those not yet reading, step by step instructions are written in the middle, and photos at the bottom to give visual cues. Students will learn 2 Back Rolls, 4 Forward Rolls and 4 Side Rolls. Appropriate for students 5 years - 14 years. Part of a full curriculum of 4 Gymnastic skill sets: Rolls, Wheels, Balance Beam & Jumps. These skills promote physical, mental, social, and emotional health; should only be attempted on gymnastic mats and supervised at all times. 

Gymnastic cards Roll set

  • Cards are handmade, 8"X9", Safety, Technique & Mission cards slightly larger. Cards come laminated with all the information on one side, and can be easily mounted to a wall using sticky tack. The Roll station cards are 10 skills. Purchase should trigger a link to hidden page on my website, from which, you should be able to download the skill videos. There is one, 2 - 3 minute video for each card. There are 52 cards in all 4 skill sets available.