First learn as many as 20 Balance Beam skills. Then, choose one card from each of the 4 skill sets: Travel/Balance/Turn/Jump; to build your own Balance Beam routine. Each skill card has been selected with the everyday kid in mind and are appropriate for ages 5 - 14. Set of 21 cards includes a larger station card that has safety advice, technical coaching tips, and a few mission statements to guide students. Each of the 20 skill cards have a symbol at the top for those students not yet reading, simple step by step instruction in the middle and demonstration photos at the bottom to help guide students in their practice. Video link demonstrations of each card come with the purchase of the set and the buyer should receive a link to the page upon purchase. This set can be used on it's own or as part of a fuller Gymnastics curriculum Roll, Wheel, Balance & Jump. Skills demonstrated should always be done under adult supervision and with safety mats beneath and beside beams.

Gymnastics Cards Balance Beam Set