Options for Workshops & Residencies

with Covid-19 Health Restrictions in Mind

Updated Oct. 8th, 2020


Now I have a better idea of what schools are needing, I am only offering remote workshops & residencies for the 2020-2021 year. I have come up with a pretty sweet cost-effective option!

Dani's Daily Physical Activities!

There will be a new one available each month using our Google meet. The projection can go into classrooms on their white board and have been thoughtfully selected with limited space in mind. 

Each session is 25 minutes long, full of 6 - 8, Dance & Drama activities and customized to the age or ability level of the classes being served.

Schools will get up to two links for $50.00 for each session

If the school wishes an additional link, there is an additional fee of $20.00 each extra link.

To book, contact Dani at danialtiere@yahoo.ca  


If projected into the Gym:  

Contact-less Dance

 You choose the unit; I’ll ensure all choreography is solo and spread out. No space for audiences but we can focus on the intrinsic benefits of movement rather than the skills and mindset for a performance. We’ll have more freedom to try out different Dance styles, pressure free. Schools can choose from current Dance residencies, musical themes such as Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Classical or Country; or try different Dance styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary or Improvisation 

Needed: Screen projection and computer set up into the gym, the space -up and sound system 

Fee for full days of Dance first bell to last: $525.00 per day 

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