Adaptations and Options for Residencies with Covid-19 Health Restrictions in Mind

Updated August 21, 2020

As we start up the year, no in-person residencies will be permitted. No-one knows how things will develop, but we need to make a plan for the 2020 -2021 school year. So please consider remote residencies. The projection can go into classrooms on their white board or into the gym on the projection screen. To book, contact Dani at  

Re-launch! In consideration of the health guidelines and knowing that each school will have to adapt in different ways, I realize some schools won't even have a Gym! With that in mind, here’s what I am offering for the 2020-21 school year. Please note that I am completely open to other ideas, these are just what I’ve come up with. All classes will be taught from my home studio and delivered via Google meet or Zoom. There are ideas for utilizing the Gym for those schools that will still have one, and ideas for remaining in classrooms for those that do not.  


In the Gym:  

Contact-less Gymnastics - Every student on their own mat, with mats spaced out. Students receive 5 lessons of gymnastic challenges all crafted to fit on a single mat. Rolls, Wheels, Balance, Jumps and a new way to put it all together on the fifth day with a musical game. Mats are wiped down at the end of each class using this plan: Grades 4 & up can be taught to do this for themselves with supervision. Grades 2 & 3 can wipe down the mat if the teachers spray for them and we’ll all have to help with Kinders & grade 1’s, so we can cleverly schedule them near recesses. 

Needed: 1 mat per student, disinfectant & towels one per student  

Contact-less Dance – You choose the unit; I’ll ensure all choreography is solo and spread out. No space for audiences but we can focus on the intrinsic benefits of movement rather than the skills and mindset for a performance. We’ll have more freedom to try out different Dance styles, pressure free. Schools can choose from current Dance residencies, musical themes such as Pop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Classical or Country; or try different Dance styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Improvisation or even Body Percussion! 

Needed: Screen projection and computer set up into the gym, the space -up and sound system 

Hoop it Up! - I’ve been practicing and I’m ready offer Hoop! These lessons already require as much distance between students as possible for safety, regardless of health concerns, so it’s an east fit into our new reality. Remaining mostly in one spot, students will do a brief warm-up, try out a few skills, have some time to practice those skills and finish off with a game or two that allow creativity and free style. It provides a great mind/body connection. Hoops will need to be wiped down by students between classes by spraying a cloth and wiping the hoop. 

Needed: Hoops, one per student, disinfectant & cloths

In the Classroom: 

As we are now familiar with video learning, we can try “Zoom into the Class-Room”, or "Dance to the beat on Google meet", with classes connecting to my home-studio. I will lead activities customized to the limited space of classes standing behind their desks. I’ll do my utmost to be a bright ball of positive energy as I pop into classrooms to provide 20 - 25 minute movement breaks with positive mind-set messaging. Even given the consideration of such limited space, there are all kinds of Drama games that can be played, as well as some simple movement exercises; and of course, classes can always use a well-led dance party with games to aid learning by keeping away fatigue and adding a little fun. Teachers can challenge Dani to include some curricular links into the games if they give her the specifics in advance. We’ll keep the lessons to 20 minutes to allow time to get the next class set up. 

Needed: The technical know-how to get the particulars, set up  

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